LFR-5005 High efficient flame retardant for polyester

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LFR-5005 High efficient flame retardant for polyester

LFR-5005 is a white powder of low dust with high thermal stability. It is a halogen free flame retardant compound containing phosphorus and nitrogen synergist with no migrations. It is designed for flame retardant polyester(PET,PBT;including glass fiber reinforced and non-reinforced) plastics.


Item Unit Standards
Phosphorous content %(w/w) 15.0-17.0
Density g/cm3 1.25
Bulk density g/cm3 ≈0.5
Moisture(K-F) %(w/w) ≤0.3
Thermal decomposition temperature ≥330


1. Especially suitable for natural color glass fiber reinforced polyester (PBT, PET).
2. LFR-5005 can be processed with various extrusion and injection equipment to obtain stable high-performance flame retardant products.
3. Highly effective, UL94 V-0/1.6mm can be obtained at 14%~18% dosage, much lower than other flame retardants.
4. LFR-5005 can be compound with other halogen-free flame retardant (synergist) to improve mechanical and electrical properties.
5. Products with low dosage of LFR-5005 can have CTI up to 600V,UL94-V0 and GWIT 960 ℃. Because of the low dosage, LFR-5005 has almost no effect on mechanical properties.

Packaging & Storage:

LFR-5005 is delivered in 25 kg paper bags with PE inliner.
Seal and store in dry, dust-free and cool place.
Minimum shelf life is 12 months from the date of shipping when stored according to the said conditions.

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