Dammar Gum

1. Introduction

Gum Dammer (non-toluene solution type) is modified from the pure natural Gum Dammer. Gum Dammer (non-toluene solution type) is a natural dammer resin through the high-precision technology, multi-channel process, inclusion-free, can be directly added in the production of ink, simplified production process, improve production efficiency. The quality is better than that of natural gum dammer.

Gum Dammer (non-toluene solution type) is mainly used in PP, PE and other plastic composite ink, ink varnishing, to improve adhesion, liquidity, light degree, especially in untreated plastic film.

2. General properties

Appearance:   pale-yellow granules solid

Odor:         Resin itself

Good solvents:  Methyl cyclohexane(MCH),ethyl acetate,Propyl ethanoate,butyl acetate, NPAC

3. Typical specifications

ITEM Gum Dammer (non-toluene solution type)
Appearance pale yellowish granular solid
Main uses PP, PE and plastic composite ink, ink, varnishing, adhesion, liquidity, light degree

4. Packaging and storage :

Packed in kraft bags with polyethylene liner ;
Net weight : 25kgs/bag.
Storing and transferring away from heat ,moisture, raining and snowing .Keep anti-solarization, moisture proofing, excellent ventilation.

5. Product photo:


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