LFR-2001 Eco-friendly flame retardant for fabric coatings

flame retardant for fabric coatings

LFR-2001 Eco-friendly flame retardant for fabric coatings



It is especially suitable for the permanent flame retardant of PU and PA (polyurethane,Acrylic glue) coatings to polyester fabrics.
  • High efficient and eco-friendly, bromide free permanent flame retardant for fabric coatings.
  • Low dosage, only 40% of other flame retardant is usually needed.
  • Soft and dry of hand feeling, almost no effect on coloration.
  • Soluble in organic solvent and easy to use.


Dosage depends on the fiber, type, structure, weight and flame retardant standard of the fabric. Generally, the working solution is coated on the fabric uniformly by scraper and dry at 150-170 ℃. Permanent flame retardant efficiency can be reached after drying under 195-205 ℃.


The above mentioned information is according to our own knowledge and experience. It is advised that customers make lab trials before formal treatment to get optimum processing condition.

Packaging & Storage:

50kg/plastic drum or per customer’s request. Store in a cool and dry area.

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