Chlorinated Polypropylene(CPP)


Chlorinated Polypropylene(CPP)

1.Product type

Chlorinated Polypropylene is a newly developed chlorinated polypropylene resin and a new adhesion promoter for PP substrate, which has excellent adhesion to various PP substrates. The solution has excellent low temperature stability,good compatibility, good adhesion between layers, and can be directly added to coatings, ink, as well as heat transfer system.

2.Performance Index

Grades Appearance Viscosity 25°C,mPa.s  Cl.Cont(%) PH.




Pale·yellow to light·brown

solid pellet


300-500 32±2


CPP-HYB(EA) 100-300 28±2
CPP-HYC 300-500 36±2
CPP-LZA 200-400 31±2
CPP-LZB(EA) 200-300 39±2


3.Features and Application 

  • It has excellent adhesion effect on PP,PP/EPDM substrate.
  • Good compatibility, it can be directly added to acrylic and alkyd coating.
  • Excellent adhesion with top coating, such as polyester / melamine baking paint and polyurethane system.
  • Lowtemperature stability of the solution is good (30% toluene solution, 5 ℃).

4.Scope of application:

  • After the solution is diluted, spray directly on the PP substrate, and then use the topcoat after drying.
  • Mix with resin to make a primer.
  • Recommended it for paint and ink system.
  • Automobile bumper andAutomotive interior product etc.
  • Heat transfer processand Adhesive etc.


5.Add quantity and use method

  • was dissolved into 30% toluene or xylene by stirring. Due to the environmental protection of forbidding the use of benzene substances, the solvent can be changed to methylcyclohexane / ethyl acetate or butyl ester = 1 / 1.
  • When mixing with resin, please test the optimum proportion first.

6.Handling and Storage:

  • Keep away from ignition sources.
  • Store in cool and dry ventilated place and Keep container closed.
  • Don’t store above 40℃.
  • The warranty period of this product is 45 months from the production date.
  • Store solids and solutions under 25 ℃.
  • When the ambient temperature during storage or transportation exceeds 40℃, clumps may form. Please extend the time of solvent immersion and low-speed stirring, which will not affect the performance.

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