chlorinated polyporpylene



Chlorinated Polypropylene (CPP) is a thermoplastic resin widely used in the fields of ink, painting and adhesives.
CPP belongs to thermoplastic resins. It has strong adhesion to polypropylene (PP) as well as polyethylene, paper and aluminum film, etc. So it is widely used in the fields of ink, painting and adhesives and its main usages are as follows.

Specification and standard

Appearance Pale Yellowish granules solid
Chloride content (Cl,%) 25 -35
Viscosity (25°C,mPa.s) 200-600
PH Value (%) 5.5-8.0
Photic test ≤0.1
Fineness (22°C±1)mm 2-3

(1)Viscosity value is measured in 20% toluene solution at 25°C by a rotary viscometer with speed of  750 r/min.
(2) Upon the request of the customers, chlorine content and viscosity can be controlled in a range of 1% and ±50 mPa.s, respectively.


(1 ) CPP can be used as an effective binder in the manufacturing of composite ink for the films of BOPP, OPP, PET, PE, etc.
(2) CPP can be used as a composite adhesive between paper and films of BOPP, OPP, PET, PE, AL, etc., and an inner coating for pressure-sensitive adhesive tape of BOPP films.
(3) With its good film-forming and glossiness properties and its strong affinity with pigment, CPP can be used as colorant for plastic modification or as paint binder for polypropylene (PP) injection molding wares.

Application method

The service performance of CPP is relative to the indexes of chlorinating degree and viscosity, etc. So the CPP with different indexes has varieties of usages and should be used under the specialized engineer’s instruction.
The common method is: Dissolve the product into the toluene or other solvents to prepare a solution of 20~30%. Then add the solution into the ink or other relevant products based on the ink formulation.

Packaging and storage :

Packed in fiberboard box lined with an internal polyethylene bag.
Net weight: 20kgs/bag.
Storing and transferring in dry, anti-solarization, ventilated warehouse, room temperature, moisture-proof, away from heat. Please isolated storage and transportation.

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