1. Introduction and application

Chlorinated Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer (CEVA) is resin made by EVA through modification. It can be melted in organic solvent like toluene. Chlorinated EVA is widely applied in the production of superior printing ink, improving properties of adhesion and luster of printing ink. CEVA is a good binder for plastic products. It is applicable to high grade ink, additives for treatment of fibers, paint for biaxial tension polypropylene film and laminating agent for polyethylene / polypropylene films. It has been widely used in composite ink for high grade plastics in order for improving the ink’s adhesive strength, ink property, glossiness and the pigment’s dispersilbility, wettability and cold resistance, etc.

2. General properties

Appearance: White or pale-yellow block solid

3. Specification

Model Content of Chloride (cl%) Viscosity (mpa.s) PH Value
Type A 12~18 100~800 4.0-8.0
Type B 18~24 100~800 4.0-8.0
Type C 24~30 100~800 4.0-8.0
Type D 30~40 <500 4.0-8.0

Remarks: Viscosity refers to the value tested with rotary viscosimeter of the product in 20% toluene solution in 25℃
Validity:2 years.

4. Application method

The commonly used method is to be dissolved in toluene and other solvents, preparation of a liquid containing the product 20-30%. According to the ink formulation requirements added the product.
﹡Each ink formulation requirements is difference, please use it under the guidance of engineer.

5. Packaging and storage :

Packed in cardboard box with polyethylene liner;
Net weight: 10kg/box.
This product is easy to absorb moisture, softening point low, easy to agglomerate, non-flammable. Please isolated storage and transportation. Storing in dry, anti-solarization, ventilated warehouse, room temperature, shall not be affected by heavy pressing need, moisture-proof, away from heat.

6. Product Photo:


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