Methyltris(methylethy lketoximino)silane  (MOS)

Hydroxylamine Sulfate
Hydroxylamine Sulfate

    Description: Product Name: Hydroxylamine sulfate Molecular Formula: (NH2OH)2H2SO4 Structural Formula: Molecular Weight: 164.14 CAS Code: 10039-54-0 UNNO: 2865 Properties: colorless or white crystal, soluble in cold water, alcohol and methanol, extremely easy to absorb moisture, with melting (decomposing) point at 170℃, boiling point at 56.5℃ and density at 1.86 g/cm3. Specification: Item Index…

Vinyl Isobutyl Ether

    Description: Product Name:Vinyl isobutyl ether Molecular Formula : C6H12O Structural Formula: Molecular Weight: 100.1 CAS NO.:109-53-5 EINECS NO.:203-678-8 UN code: UN1304 Properties: classified as third category flammable liquid, colorless and transparent. Density: 0.769 , Flash point: -15, Melting point: -112—84 , Boiling point: 83—85. Specification: Item Index Appearance Colorless and transparent liquid Vinyl isobutyl ether…

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